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Green People Branded Gua Sha with Bag - Jade

Ideal for: Reducing puffiness and smoothing the skin.

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Awaken your skin with Green People's Branded Gua Sha Jade Stone.

Gua Sha is an ancient beauty therapy technique that involves bringing balance to the skin with a Jade massage stone.

This Jade massage stone can help improve skin firmness, reduce puffy eyes and release congestion. Using this tool with Green People facial oil rebalances the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Perfect partner: Anti Ageing Facial Oil

Best Gua Sha practice is to gently glide the Gua Sha tool around the lymphatic areas of the face, having first created slip using a natural facial oil.

Step 1: Cleanse your face and once it is dry, apply 3-4 drops of your favourite Green People facial oil to help the Gua Sha glide over your face and neck.

Step 2: Hold the Gua Sha at a 45° angle and press it against the right-hand side of your nose. Slowly pull the Gua Sha towards your right cheekbone and repeat this motion 3 times. Repeat this step on the other side of your face.

Step 3: Press the Gua Sha tool against the middle of your chin and, using a sweeping motion, move it across your jawline.

Step 4: Gently sweep the Gua Sha under both eyes, taking care not to press on the skin too hard.

Step 5: Finally, sweep the Gua Sha over your eyebrow, working towards your hairline

Bring some ancient beauty therapy traditions into your rituals with this Jade stone from Green People.


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