DECLÉOR Night Essence 3 x 7ml

Ideal for: Rejuvenating, energising and enhancing radiance to skin.
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DECLÉOR Night Essence is a rejuvenating skin treatment to energise skin and restore luminosity.

Reducing the appearance of fatigue and dullness, the night treatment has a concentrated blend of anti-ageing-actives to encourage skin cell renewal to refine skin’s texture and reveal a plumper, more lifted complexion with a burst of radiance.

Key Ingredients:

  • New Zealand Manuka – To generate and increase cell renewal
  • Mediterranean Cistus – To strengthen cell regeneration and increase radiance
  • Tropical Amaranth – Rich in omegas to reduce free radical damage


The aromatic blend of these precious essential oils boosts cell energy and renewal to reveal a healthy, youthful-looking complexion. By following Decléor’s precise application, Night Essence deeply absorbs into the skin for a plump, lifted effect.

The Results:

After 30 days –

  • 93% of women noticed skin was smoother and the texture more refined
  • 90% saw a more luminous, more radiant complexion
  • 83% said signs of fatigue were softened and the skin toned

After 10 days of stopping the treatment -

  • 75% of women said skin seemed regenerated
  • 82% said skin seemed to be ‘glowing with health’
  • 86% said skin quality was improved by the application methods

* These studies were conducted, under dermatological supervision, on 31 Caucasian women between 30-50 years old with a range of skin types all showing signs of ageing.


  • For precise dosage Night Essense comes in 3 vials. A pipette ensures enough for 10 days use for optimum results on cell renewal

  • 1. First 10 days. Aromapressure energy Using the index Fingers, apply firm pressure on each key point for 5 seconds. This gesture boosts the benefits of essential oils by releasing, stimulating or diffusing energy within the skin’s core

  • 2. Next 10 days. Aromadrainage radiance Using the index and second fingers, perform three smoothing movements linking the key points. Begin with firm pressure, then medium, then light. This gesture supplements the first step to activate the microcirculation and to add radiance to the skin

  • 3. Final 10 days. Aromassage cell regeneration Using the index and second fingers, perform three slow and deep circular movements linking the key points. This gesture promotes cell regeneration and boosts the anti-ageing action of essential and plant oils
Give your skin a new lease of life with Decléor Night Essence.

Environmental aggressors (pollution, UV, diet, lifestyle and stress) can take their toll on our skin leaving it looking dull, lifeless and tired.

The Decléor Night Essence gives your skin the pick-me-up it needs to reduce and repair the signs of daily aggressors and encourages skin cell regeneration to reveal healthier and more youthful-looking skin upon waking.

The Night treatment is suited to mature skin but is also great to use on skin that needs a little reboot. Perfect to use when the seasons change or in colder months.


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