Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush 15ml - Various Shades Available

Ideal for: Giving skin a fresh, radiant glow.
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Daniel Sandler collection of key cheek products work together to contour cheeks whilst adding a fresh and radiant glow to your complexion. The award-winning Watercolour Fluid Blush is the Hero product of the Daniel Sandler cosmetics collection. This luxurious Watercolour Blush is 100% blendable and creates beautifully colour-contoured cheeks. Watercolours last all day even in humid weather and rain, they also blend easily. Don’t apply them on top of a powder foundation as then they won’t apply properly or blend.

With a silicone-based and oil-free formulation it is the ideal product for any skin types and ensures a sheer finish that lasts all day. This multi-award winning product contains Vitamin E and Jojoba to enhance application an nourish your skin.

  • Follow product instructions
  • This luxury blusher will leave skin with a glowing complexion and added radiance.

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