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Founded in 2001 in the UK, Men-Ü is a multi-award winning, critically and media acclaimed brand of men's grooming products. It comprises a line of high performance, ultra-concentrate formulas which boast the finest ingredients to deliver revolutionary results.

The handy 100ml tubes and bottles with locking pumps provide 80-265 applications dependent on the product and provide an accurate dosage. Men-u's packaging is designed to be subtle and handy - small enough to fit neatly into sponge bags, sports bags and in bathroom cabinets.

Men-Ü offer a number of male grooming products which are ‘buddy’ size, a smaller version of many of their products. Perfect for travelling; as they provide sets of these ‘buddy’ sizes you get more for your money.

This brand also includes a range of Italian shaving brushes.

The Men-U grooming range is available in several countries around the globe. No Men-U products have been tested on animals.

Ones to try:
  • Men-Ü Clay – this clay helps to create a longer-lasting pliable texture to your hair for a more matte, messier look. This styling product is perfect to help add definition to the hair, to create that beach, surfer look. Only a small amount is needed.

  • Men-Ü Healthy Facial Wash – a deep-cleansing soap-free facial wash, great for using pre or post shave, when your skin is sensitive and vulnerable. Containing a high concentration of tea tree oil, this facial wash helps to prevent spots and shaving rash whilst protecting the skin.

  • Men-Ü Shave Creme – this product is suitable to use both with and without a shave brush. With powerhouse moisturising ingredients, this superb shaving crème prevents your skin from drying out and ensures a smooth shave.