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Behind Invisibobble’s inspiration was a girl at uni called Sophie. She constantly wore her hair up, yet didn’t want the fuss that came with that! She began to grow tired of the headaches and that annoying kink you get in your hair after having it up.

One night before attending a ‘bad-taste’ party at her Uni, she took a telephone cord and tied her hair up with that, as it added to her outfit. When she didn’t wake up with a headache, the cord had stayed in her hair, and when she took it out the kink was less obvious.

The next 6 months were spent with her now business partner Felix, and group of German technicians to create this product. In 2012 Invisibobble was launched in Germany. After a year of feedback and improving their product, they introduced Invisibobble to the international market, and ever since then the demand has been great. They now sell in over 70 countries.

As many of the ambassadors have proven, Invisibobble is not just a product to tie your hair up in a ponytail. Whilst that is what it was initially designed for, there have been some stunning hairstyles created using this product. With a range of colours available, such as ‘true black’ or ‘pretzel brown’ as well as the obvious clear one, everyone, and every hair colour can use Invisibobble.

The Invisibobble products come in a range of sizes as well as colours. There is the original, which is a standard hair bobble size. However, the Nano is considerably smaller and makes it possible to create the most intricate hair styles as you can separate smaller pieces of hair. The Nano combines the hair bobble and a hair grip.

For the Sporty ones out there, Invisibobble have come up with a product which gives you an extra secure hold. With its intensified spiral shape, it allows your hair to stay in place whilst taking part in high-energy activities, without compromising the comfort of the Invisibobble.