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Horst M. Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients as well as of Aveda Corporation, is a global creator in plant-based aromatherapy and personal care. After embarking on a three-year apprenticeship in the beauty and salon industry at the age of 14, he realised he had a real talent for the business.

Horst was a man who put himself into everything he created, as he was very spiritual. He believed that if you wouldn’t put something in your mouth then you shouldn’t be putting in on your skin. He made it his mission to educate people about the things they were putting in and on their body.

Horst opposed “greenwashing” such as making misleading claims and labelling through marketing - he wanted to bring more transparency to the beauty industry. That’s why Intelligent Nutrients use scientific technology to create sustainable products, which are effective.

Intelligent Nutrients are now heavily reliant on natural energy sources, such as wind and solar energy. They’re also exploring greenhouse growing and geothermal energy alternatives.

Intelligent Nutrients’ ingredients are based on the idea that things which are put on your skin, can sink in your skin, which means you should only use them if you would put them in your mouth. Their ingredients are pesticide-free.

The brand uses plant stem cells, which are the cleanest, greenest and of the highest quality. The use of multi-fictional aromas is important to them also, their aromas, do and feel good and smell better.

This brand prides themselves on being USDA certified, meaning they provide products which are truly organic, up to the standard of food rulings. USDA only certifies products which are 100% organic or certified 95% organic with a remaining 5% of ingredients which are drawn from a smaller select group of inorganic produce, yet have no known risk to both health or environment. This brand has something for everyone, from their Intelligent Nutrients hair spray, to their lip gloss.