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Herra Hair started with James Davis, a celebrity hairstylist who realised, after nearly 20 years in the industry, that the hair was exposed to damaging elements every day such as UV, air-conditioning and pollution.

Once Davis understood there were no solutions for the damage caused by these factors, he embarked on a new mission to start his own hair brand, covering the existing gap in the market. The idea of creating a perfume was the result of combining hair and beauty into one. With a signature fragrance, the Herra Hair Perfume provides protection and helps bring your hair back to life while delivering a decadent sensorial experience.

The founder wanted the brand to offer a true luxury product, only sold in exclusive salons and shops such as Harrods. Since its launch, the hair-care brand has continued to bring out new fragrances and growing as a company. Having started off with just the Original Scent, Herra Hair now boasts four different scents to choose from.

All Herra Hair Perfumes include the following sublime ingredients:

  • Base: creamy Vanilla, warm tonka bean, sandlewood & musk

  • Middle: midnight orchid, rose petals, white jasmine, mimosa, hellotrope & lily

  • Top: Italian bergamot & loguat fruit

The brand’s key hair-protecting ingredients are:

  • Glycerin: allows for maximum moisture retention in the hair without weighing it down

  • Olive Extract: protects the hair from pollution and free radicals whilst keeping it conditioned and healthy

  • Sunflower Extract: protects the hair against UV and supports colour-fading

All Herra Hair products are free from parabens and sulfates.

With this luxurious hair perfume, your hair will maintain its natural body and movement, and will be left deeply conditioned, without being weighed down or made to feel greasy.

Herra Hair’s products are what we have all been waiting for - not only do they nourish and protect your hair, but they also imbue it with a magnificent scent, promoting lusciousness.