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A true #TeamGorgeous favourite, we love the story behind Green People.

Incepted in 1994 by Charlotte Vøhtz, Green People was created with a mother’s desire to find natural and gentle products for her daughter’s sensitive skin.

Charlotte searched the high street high and low for natural products, only to discover that many so-called natural skincare brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients. That’s when the journey began to become the UK’s most-loved natural and organic skincare brand. Charlotte says:

 “From that moment, I realised that we all are children of the chemical age and that man-made chemicals found everywhere, combined with changing dietary habits, profoundly affect us all”.

Charlotte began making her own organic creams and salves, perfectly tailored to her daughter’s allergy-prone skin. The long and frustrating battle to find products to help her daughter’s severe skin problems resulted in the birth of Green People in 1997.

Launching with a promise, never to use aggressive ingredients, synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances or to test on animals, Green People ensure product performance and ethical practice are never sacrificed for profit.