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About the brand

EVY is a sunscreen brand which originates from Sweden, their products are based on the Proderm Technology, a patented formula which is effective for up to 6 hours, which has been clinically proven.

Due to its mousse consistency is able to absorb deeper into the skin meaning it has a stronger staying power as it isn’t washed of when swimming or by clothes, which normal creams are effected by. Through reinforcing the skins naturals barrier function, it helps to prevent premature aging from sun, water, heat and wind.

EVY is gentle enough to be used not only on the body, but also on the face and lips. Their products are also effective when used on your scalp and can protect the end of your hair.

EVY products are free from preservatives, fragrances, and nanoparticles which means they are very gentle to skin. This product is recommended to people who are allergic to the sun as well as suffer with sensitivity to sunscreen.

EVY is designed to be used on sensitive skin, it is perfect and can be used on all skin types. With over 90% protection to UVA rays, this sun care range tops many others when it comes to protection from the sun.

Easily absorbed and non-greasy makes it very easy to keep on top of sunscreen application and achieve the recommended amount! With the product lasting double the time of normal sunscreen means your protection from the sun is better than ever! This brand also makes sure hygiene is up to scratch, having it in an aerosol means it stays bacteria free and is kept fresh due to never being exposed to air.

All products by EVY have been tested through being used whilst doing extreme sports. This product is also affective and protective enough to be used on people who suffer with vitiligo. EVY’s After Sun is based on the same formula as their sunscreens which helps to enhance the skins own defence to irritation. Their After Sun can be used all year round to restore moisture on sensitive skin, and will leave you feeling smooth.

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