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The lash adhesive of choice for many of the big brands in the business, DUO is no longer an industry secret. Having been around for over 60 years and now the world’s number one eyelash adhesive, DUO really rose to popularity alongside the false lash in the 1970s.

With a varied range of options, from clear to coloured adhesives, there really is a lash glue for every occasion in DUO’s innovative product range. Renowned for a long-lasting finish, the formula is created for all-day wear, comes in latex and latex-free formulas and can be used for strip and individual lashes alike.

Making a name for itself globally, makeup artists and lash lovers shout loud and proud about their love for DUO lash adhesive, with artists stating that it’s ‘not about the lash, it’s about the adhesive'. The adhesive they use is DUO.

Presented in instantly recognisable and eye-catching colourful packaging and bottles, it’s easy to distinguish between DUO’s lash adhesives to find your favourite.