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The late Dr. Bragi Bjernason PhD worked at the University of Iceland as a Professor of Biochemistry and was one of the world leading enzymologist. After looking into wound healing and discovering the power of Marine Enzymes, Dr. Bragi decided to apply this knowledge to the skincare universe.

“I have dedicated my life to the research and study of marine enzymes and their abilities. I have absolutely no doubt that you will be amazed at the improvements my formulations can make to your skin” - Dr. Bragi Bjernason PhD

The Science

Enzymes help to speed up the cellular development in all living beings. Able to adapt to working in environments which reach temperatures as low as -2˚C, marine enzymes become ‘super active’ when used in a body-temperature setting. This means they’re very powerful enzymes.

These incredible enzymes have several qualities which benefit the skin. For example, they dissolve any dead cells, promoting a glowing complexion. They also have a calming effect on the skin, reducing inflammation, redness and irritation. As if this wasn’t enough, enzymes actually protect the skin from collagen breakdown, ensuring its texture is improved, appearing more youthful and firmer.

Dr Bragi Products to Try
  • Marine Enzyme Face and Body Salvation Mist: this mist can be used daily to keep your skin hydrated and to repair it. Reducing inflammation and exfoliating the skin, this formula is perfect for using after showering.

  • Bio Marine Exfoliant: enriched with witch hazel, this exfoliating product helps to reduce the appearance of pores to keep your skin free of blemishes, toned and brightened. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Intensive Treatment Mask: plumping, exfoliating, toning, and brightening effects all wrapped into one treatment – it’s like getting a 15-minute facial.

  • Age Management Marine Enzyme Moisturiser: having been voted the best product for skin refining, this moisturiser aids skin rejuvenation and reduces signs of ageing. You only need a pea size amount to cover your neck and entire face.

  • Purifying Facial Cleanser: designed to target signs of ageing, redness, and dry skin, this cleanser ensures that your skin appears plumper, smoother and re-energised.

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