BKR Straw Cap 250/500ml

Ideal For: Pairing with your 250ml or 500ml bkr bottle and silicone straw.

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The custom bkr Straw Cap is made for use on the 250ml or 500ml bkr bottles with the bkr Soft Silicone Straws only, not for use with rigid straws for safety reasons.

It’s made with the same BPA-free, phthalate-free food-grade polypropylene as the caps you know and love and has a clear silicone valve to hold your straw.

Dishwasher safe and the valve is removable so you can wash all parts thoroughly.

*Sheer white.

To use it you’ll first screw the cap onto the bottle, then insert the straw through the clear silicone valve.

This cap is splash resistant. It will keep your water in its place during light turbulence on a flight somewhere fabulous, but if tipped over in your bag some water may spill out. It’s dishwasher safe on the top rack like everything we make, and the valve is removable so you can wash all the parts thoroughly for zero yuck.

Beauty 101: drinking water is the foundation for soft, dewy, pretty skin and what better way to stay hydrated than with a stylish bottle and straw.


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