Beautyblender BIO Pure

Ideal for: 60% plant based foam Beautyblender for flawless make up application.

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Made from a 60% plant base of renewable sugarcane, BioPlush™ foam provides you with the same bounce and super soft beautyblender whilst offering a more sustainable product.

Designed to be wet, Beautyblender expands double it's normal size and only absorbs water, not make-up, so your product lasts longer and creates an even and smooth complexion.

Beautyblender BIO Pure packaging canister is constructed with recycled resins. Cruelty-free. Made from Latex free polyurethane foam.

Wet Beautyblender with water for each use. Squeeze out excess liquid, using a towel if necessary. Bounce foundation, bb cream, powder or any other base and complexion product across the face for flawless results. Cleanse with your favourite Blendercleanser® formula after each use to remove makeup & grime. Replace every 3-6 months upon signs of wear and tear.

Looking for more sustainable beauty accessories? Look no further than Beautyblender BIO Pure!


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